How we got here...

My name is Maria and I am the owner and Jars of Joy Essentials (JOJE).

I wanted to share a little bit about how we came to be.

Originally from California, having moved across the country to the South, to Florida, if you have ever been, you know the weather can be unforgiving to your skin and hair. Not realizing that I needed to change my skin and hair products moving to a new environment, it didn't matter what I tried, my skin and hair were so dry.

Having met my husband in Florida, dry hair and all, we both struggled with dry hair and skin. As the years went by, I can recall watching him go through every product on the shelf in the lotion aisle and he could never really find a product that kept his skin moisturized. He has always had overly sensitive skin. For myself, they were hit and miss. They'd start off working and then they wouldn't anymore.

A few years later, we had our beautiful daughter, Joy Marie. Yes, she is the Joy in JOJE. Our sweet baby girl inherited her Daddy’s very dry and sensitive skin. Not only, did she have skin that I could not find products to use, I had the same issue with her hair. Nothing on the shelf would keep her hair moisturized.

Turning to a friend who started her own raw and organic hair product line, I found that those natural hair products were the only things that worked on her hair. Seeing how well they worked on her hair inspired me. I spent some time researching the benefits of using natural raw ingredients on our skin and came up with different recipes to help keep the different skin types in my household, moisturized with additional healing benefits.

Finally, my husband and my daughter had a moisturizer that could stand up to the dryness and sensitivity of their skin. A few years later, my son, Jordan was born with Eczema and this time I was prepared to help heal and soothe him.

Over the years, after finding the perfect recipes, I made these body butters as a hobby and would gift them to friends to everyone. After getting great feedback from friends and family, they encouraged me to take a leap of faith and share my products with the world!

So with much love and dedication... Here we are!!

Clean Beauty + Honest Ingredients = Uncomplicated Skincare!